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  • Expedited Consumer Credit Disclosure
  • Credit Request
  • Identity Restoration Services
  • Identity Consultation
  • ...and more

Expedited Consumer Credit Disclosure

  • Receive a copy of your current consumer credit disclosure and we'll help you obtain it at no extra charge.

Credit Request

  • By ordering your consumer credit disclosure regularly, you will be actively involved in helping to monitor your own credit information. You can request an up-to-date consumer credit disclosure anytime you want, just complete and mail the forms we provide. Your credit file will be provided to you free of charge by the credit bureau as required by provincial credit reporting legislation.

Identity Restoration Services

  • The experts in identity theft restoration will step in and take over the restoration process for you, should you face an identity theft issue. They will customize the solution and work on your behalf to correct identity theft issues with affected agencies and institutions.
  • Fraud alert notifications will be sent on your behalf to both credit bureaus.
  • Fraud Investigators will work with credit card companies, financial institutions, utility companies, collection agencies, and other organizations that may be affected.

Identity Theft Service Exclusions

  • Legal Remedy
    Any Stolen Identity Event where the victim is unwilling to prosecute the person who caused the victim to suffer the fraud or its consequences.
  • Dishonest Acts
    Any dishonest, criminal, malicious or fraudulent acts, if the Member(s) that suffered the fraud personally participated in, directed or had knowledge of such acts.
  • Financial Loss
    Membership Services do not cover any financial losses attributed to the Stolen Identity Event, including but not limited to, money stolen from a wallet, unauthorized purchases of retail goods or services online, by phone, mail or direct.
  • Pre-existing Stolen Identity Event Limitations
    If either the victim had knowledge of, or reasonably should have had knowledge of, the pre-existing Stolen Identity Event based on information provided to them prior to enrollment in the program.
  • Business
    A covered Stolen Identity Event does not include the theft or unauthorized or illegal use of their business name, DBA or any other method of identifying their business activity.

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