LinkedIn icon v2Are you Linkedin?



Are you a business professional that:


  • provides a service or product directly to consumers
  • provides a service or product directly to other businesses
  • wants the world, or at least your geographical region to know that you are the ‘go to’ person?


Then you need to be Linkedin. 


The old saying used to be ‘it’s not who you know … it’s who you know!” That has been replaced with ‘It’s not who you know … it’s who knows that you know!”

Blow you own hornv2As a business professional, you should consider Linkedin to be your personal marketing agency and you as your own Public Relations Manager. After-all, if you don’t promote yourself and/or your business, who will?


Reach out and connect with somebody!


Linkedin has effectively cut in half the old ‘six degrees of separation’ theory. Now, three degrees or less can often put you in contact with almost anybody.

The Basic Linkedin is still a free service and is arguably the best deal around.

Even though Linkedin is available for free, there is still a cost involved. It takes time to create a professional image so that the world sees you as a professional.

Do you have the time and the skills to create a professional profile? Okanagan Help4Biz does.

Contact Okanagan Help4Biz for a complimentary assessment of your Linkedin profile. You can then either update your profile yourself or contract with Okanagan Help4Biz and we can do it for you. Contact Okanagan Help4Biz for your complimentary assessment. 

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