Maximizing Your Online Presence

Helping your business market


Conventional marketing wisdom says that you have to touch your customer 7 to 11 times before they make a purchasing decision.

The internet is arguably the most cost-effective marketing tool available today for small businesses.

While cost-effective, there is still a cost involved. The obvious expense is paying someone to upload your data to the internet, monitor it and update it. Creating your content and tweaking it for search engine optimization also takes time.  Do you have the time to do so? Can you afford to do it yourself? As the old saying goes ‘Time is money!’


“If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always gotten!”


Enter social media. It has added a new dimension to social interaction. Social media is here to stay. At least until the next “big thing” comes along and replaces it. Whether it is for the better or worse would be the subject of an interesting debate.

While many people use it to stay in touch with the daily activities of their family members whether they be local or afar, it has been embraced by the business world. Promotion and marketing is essential to the success of a business. Social media makes it affordable.


Is your business social?


The customer has to see your business’ name, over and over again before they make a decision to check it out. When they have a need for what your business offers, you want them to think about you first.  


Are your potential customers being touched? By you … or another business?


Okanagan Help4Biz offers solutions to maximize your online presence.


Is your Linkedin profile working for or against you?


Okanagan Help4Biz offers several solutions. We offer a complimentary, comprehensive analysis of your current Linkedin profile and will provide you with an electronic copy of the assessment by e-mail. You can then either update your profile yourself or contract with Okanagan Help4Biz to enhance your professional, online presence. Click here for more info on Maximizing your Linkedin Profile.

We also provide live seminars for business professionals throughout the year, where you can learn to ‘do-it-yourself.’ Contact us for upcoming dates. 

Websites are essential these days to promote your business. For a new business, it can be quite costly. Local prices can be $5000.00 or more. There are affordable options. Okanagan Help4Biz offers affordable website development solutions.


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