LinkedIn icon v2Are you Linkedin?



Are you a business professional that:


  • provides a service or product directly to consumers
  • provides a service or product directly to other businesses
  • wants the world, or at least your geographical region to know that you are the ‘go to’ person?


Then you need to be Linkedin. 


The old saying used to be ‘it’s not who you know … it’s who you know!” That has been replaced with ‘It’s not who you know … it’s who knows that you know!”

Blow you own hornv2As a business professional, you should consider Linkedin to be your personal marketing agency and you as your own Public Relations Manager. After-all, if you don’t promote yourself and/or your business, who will?


Reach out and connect with somebody!


Linkedin has effectively cut in half the old ‘six degrees of separation’ theory. Now, three degrees or less can often put you in contact with almost anybody.

The Basic Linkedin is still a free service and is arguably the best deal around.

Even though Linkedin is available for free, there is still a cost involved. It takes time to create a professional image so that the world sees you as a professional.

Do you have the time and the skills to create a professional profile? Okanagan Help4Biz does.

Contact Okanagan Help4Biz for a complimentary assessment of your Linkedin profile. You can then either update your profile yourself or contract with Okanagan Help4Biz and we can do it for you. Contact Okanagan Help4Biz for your complimentary assessment. 

Helping your business market


Conventional marketing wisdom says that you have to touch your customer 7 to 11 times before they make a purchasing decision.

The internet is arguably the most cost-effective marketing tool available today for small businesses.

While cost-effective, there is still a cost involved. The obvious expense is paying someone to upload your data to the internet, monitor it and update it. Creating your content and tweaking it for search engine optimization also takes time.  Do you have the time to do so? Can you afford to do it yourself? As the old saying goes ‘Time is money!’


“If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always gotten!”


Enter social media. It has added a new dimension to social interaction. Social media is here to stay. At least until the next “big thing” comes along and replaces it. Whether it is for the better or worse would be the subject of an interesting debate.

While many people use it to stay in touch with the daily activities of their family members whether they be local or afar, it has been embraced by the business world. Promotion and marketing is essential to the success of a business. Social media makes it affordable.


Is your business social?


The customer has to see your business’ name, over and over again before they make a decision to check it out. When they have a need for what your business offers, you want them to think about you first.  


Are your potential customers being touched? By you … or another business?


Okanagan Help4Biz offers solutions to maximize your online presence.


Is your Linkedin profile working for or against you?


Okanagan Help4Biz offers several solutions. We offer a complimentary, comprehensive analysis of your current Linkedin profile and will provide you with an electronic copy of the assessment by e-mail. You can then either update your profile yourself or contract with Okanagan Help4Biz to enhance your professional, online presence. Click here for more info on Maximizing your Linkedin Profile.

We also provide live seminars for business professionals throughout the year, where you can learn to ‘do-it-yourself.’ Contact us for upcoming dates. 

Websites are essential these days to promote your business. For a new business, it can be quite costly. Local prices can be $5000.00 or more. There are affordable options. Okanagan Help4Biz offers affordable website development solutions.


ogre faceWorkshop: “Workplace Ogres Be Aware! Practical Tips & Techniques for Resolving Workplace Conflict”



Right road sign arrowDoes your worksite lose productivity due to interpersonal conflict?


Right road sign arrowDo you have a high turnover of staff but don’t know why?


Right road sign arrowCan you feel the tension when you walk into the room?




Your worksite may be experiencing workplace conflict or living in the shadow of a Workplace Ogre.


This is not your typical “stand & deliver” type of training program! Participants will experience a contentious scenario that explores in depth the dynamics of interpersonal conflict, horizontal & vertical violence, values/biases & workplace bullies via small & large group sessions.


Participants will learn techniques to recognize conflict situations in their workplace and effective techniques to resolve the conflict for win-win results.


This highly participative, fun, yes we said “fun”, workshop follows the three A’s format of content delivery: Assessment ~ Awareness ~ Action. Yes, some role playing is involved!


This workshop is suitable for professional development training for groups of 20 to 90 and is available as a four to eight hour session, depending on the depth of the material covered.


For more information on this workshop and pricing, please contact Rae 250-451-6564 or


Rae Stonehouse of Okanagan Help4Biz provides a selection of facilitated seminars, workshops, presentations and stand-alone topics of interest to business groups and organizations to help resolve everyday challenges faced by businesses. All of our workshops & seminars are customizable to your needs. Contact us to see if we have a solution to your challenge that would work for you.  




Helping your business network



The Business Networking Series:  Stand-Alone Seminars/Workshops (duration to be determined based on the needs of the client)


Business Networking 101: The Basics of Networking

Power Networking: Tips & Techniques to Becoming a Power Networker

How High Does Your Elevator Go? How to Create an Elevator Pitch that Opens Doors!

Blow Your Own Horn! Personal Branding for Business Professionals

Referral Marketing Works!

Speaking to Sell

What Comes After the Elevator Pitch?

Tagline Tango: Developing Business Slogans & Taglines That Work



Helping your business develop




Effective Business/Organization Meetings:


Meetings Plus!: Power Strategies to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Business Meetings. 




Workplace Interpersonal Communication/Conflict Resolution Series:


Workshop: “Workplace Ogres Be Aware! Practical Tips & Techniques for Resolving Workplace Conflict

This workshop is suitable for professional development training for groups of 20 to 90 and is available as a four to eight-hour session, depending on the depth of the material covered. 


Workshop: Violence at Work! A Practical Approach to Dealing With Workplace Violence


Once upon a time it was safe to go to work. Maybe that was just a fairy tale because times have certainly changed.  Increased violence has become part of our everyday life be it at home or at work.  We read about it daily in the newspaper and are bombarded with it from the television and radio.


Violence at Work!  explores workplace conflict in its many forms. Drawing on his many years of experience working in hazardous clinical settings and situations as a nurse, Rae A. Stonehouse RN has developed a program that is suitable for a wide range of participants.


Workshop: Assert Yourself!


Effective communication allows us to build healthy relationships in our private lives and healthy partnerships in our business lives.  Ineffective interactions lead to frustration, dysfunctional personal relationships and stagnant organizations.


Assert Yourself! is a training program that teaches you how to confront problematic behavior in yourself and others. Skill development in the areas of effective listening, non-verbal communicating and interpersonal communication help to increase one's level of self-confidence and hence assertiveness.


Workshop: Crisis! What Crisis?


Crisis results from the stress and tension in a person's life. All too often lately we hear stories of how crises have gotten out of control.  The term "going postal" has become part of our everyday language.

As employers, supervisors, and health care workers we are frequently involved in other people's crises. We are often thrust into the position of having to resolve the crisis.


Crisis! What Crisis? explores the nature of crisis and offers proven techniques to resolve crises.


Seminar/Workshop: Communication@Work!


This entertaining & interactive presentation explores healthy and effective communication techniques for getting along in the workplace.


"The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem." ---Theodore Rubin




For more information on our workshops and pricing, please contact Rae 250-451-6564 or


Do you have an immediate if not sooner need to be proficient at public speaking?


Right road sign arrowDo you fear speaking to groups or making presentations?


Right road sign arrowIs career advancement or even maintaining your current job dependent upon having effective communication skills but yours are holding you back?


Right road sign arrowDo you have employees that aren't as productive as they should be due to fear or avoidance of public speaking or lack of self-confidence?


Rae Speaks from Lectern 2016v50As the saying goes, "Rae's been there … done that!" Rae used to be crippled by fear of public speaking and would do anything to avoid it. Luckily for him a friend told him about Toastmasters. For the past 22 years Rae has been honing his communication skills, taking on increasingly challenging speaking opportunities. He has developed a passion for speaking and helping others to increase their self-confidence and speaking skills to do the same.

If you have the time, Toastmasters is the world's most economical provider of communication & leadership training. If you don't, then perhaps engaging a personal speech coach is the best investment for you. Toastmasters provides excellent socialization opportunities and a self-directed educational program. Some people require more support to get past their fears and to move on to skill developing. Perhaps that applies to you?

Rae provides a complimentary 30 minute telephone interview to assess your needs. Upon completion, if it is mutually agreeable to develop a coaching relationship, Rae will develop a contract to outline the terms of the coaching relationship. Upon signing of the contract Rae will develop a structured plan to help achieve your goals.

Right road sign arrowDo you currently deliver presentations or speeches and wonder how effective you are at getting your message across? 


Right road sign arrowDo you know what you can do to improve? Friends & family aren't that helpful. They'll tell you how wonderful you are! Your audience will often tell you what they don't like about your presentation, or even worse, they will tell everybody else!

Golden checkmark  Rae provides a comprehensive evaluation of your presentation and offers techniques to maximise your delivery and your message. Consultation includes pre presentation discussion of your objectives, observing & critiquing your presentation and delivery of a comprehensive evaluation.

Golden checkmark 15Rae also "walks the walk." Ask us about group seminars & workshops.

For speech/presentations coaching Call Rae Stonehouse 250-451-6564 or for a complimentary discussion of your needs.

Do you need a Master of Ceremonies for your event? Rae has lots of experience and is known for being entertaining and well organized. Call Rae Stonehouse 250-451-6564 or for a complimentary discussion of your needs.

Okangan Help4biz: Helping your business Express itself.


Technical Writing

Okanagan Help4Biz

Something to consider:

Does your business or organization require vast amounts of technical writing to explain internal procedures, design and produce products, implement processes, sell products and services to other businesses, or define policies? Most do!

Do you have the skills and the time to devote to creating professional written communications?

Perhaps you do, however would your bottom line look better if you spent your time working on and growing your business instead of focusing on what we used to call "paperwork"?

Are you publishing content that highlights your skills & experience to place yourself in your customer's mind as the "go to" person? You should be! On-line marketers will tell you that content is king! “Content marketing is the only marketing left.” Seth Godin.

Most seasoned business people have sage advice and experience to share. This can be good content. Your potential customers are actively looking for advice to relieve their pain. From a sales perspective, you are the pain reliever. However, not everyone can take content and shape it into a compelling story, a solution to a problem or a call for action.

How can Okanagan Help4Biz help?

Rae Stonehouse, owner of Okanagan Help4Biz has many years of technical writing experience that includes: policy & procedures, employee guidelines & handbooks, job descriptions, training curriculum development and how to articles.

We can take your rough article [first draft] and in your personal style create a polished final copy that will make you shine.Okangan Help4biz provides Technical Writing for your business needs. "Isn't that kinda like cheating?" you might ask. With the high demand of content nowadays it is becoming increasingly difficult to create original content. Lets face it, not everybody has the skills to create quality copy. Many content publishers have been utilizing "ghost writers" to polish their content. You would be surprized to know who does.

Okanagan Help4Biz will take your rough copy and polish it for you, in your style. Have you considered sharing our expertise by publishing content to Linkedin or other on-line document repositories? We can help with that.

Do you have policies & procedures that need to be developed or existing ones that need updated? We can help!

Contact us to discuss your technical writing needs and possibilities.       


At Okanagan Help4Biz we are Independent Legal Services Brokers offering LegalShield. 


Contact us to findout how our business consultants can become your business consultants. 


Rae Stonehouse 250-451-6564



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