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Okanagan Help4Biz is owned & operated by Rae Stonehouse, a nurse entrepreneur. A few years back he was a board member of the Okanagan Valley Entrepreneurs Society (OVES) as well as serving as Chairman of the Board.  

Serving as an OVES board member, Rae organized over 30 Townhall meetings & two entrepreneurial conferences that covered numerousAbout Us graphic entrepreneurial/business-related topics. He remains well-connected with the local business world.

During that time working with entrepreneurs and small business owners around the Okanagan, as well as developing his own business ventures, it became quite evident that many business owners were both feeling frustrated with the daily business-problems that they were facing and remorseful with the decisions that they had made without professional consultation.


Okanagan Help4Biz was developed to assist those businesses, be they start-ups or established businesses that require a helping-hand to grow their business.

Okanagan Help4Biz offers a range of products & services of benefit to entrepreneurs and small business owners.


At Okanagan Help4Biz we are Independent Legal Services Brokers offering LegalShieldLegalShield


Contact us to find out how our business consultants can become your business consultants. 


Rae Stonehouse 250-451-6564  info@okanaganhelp4biz.ca



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Rae Stonehouse Owner & Operator of Okanagan Help4bizMore about Rae:


As an entrepreneur Rae has several business ventures underway.

As an author he is marketing two books that he has written:

  • In Power Networking for Shy People:Power Networking for Shy People: Tips & Techniques for Moving from Shy to Sly! Rae outlines a system that he created to overcome his shyness and to get out networking for his business.

As a Speaker, Rae provides workshops & seminars on: How to develop a dynamic elevator pitch, Personal Branding for Business Networking, Networking 101, to name a few.

As an Organizational/Workplace Facilitator Rae offers a presentation: “Workplace Ogres Be Aware! Practical Tips & Techniques for Resolving Workplace Conflict.”

Rae Stonehouse DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) aka Mr. Emcee is an experienced Master of Ceremonies having organized & officiated at hundreds of Toastmaster functions & community events with varying sizes of audiences.