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Identity Theft Monitoring & Restitution


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Identity theft criminals are equal opportunity thieves. No one expects identity theft to happen to them, but it effects millions of people in Canada each year.

Identity theft is the misuse of another person's identifying information. In true identity theft, an identity thief uses another person's identifying information to fraudulently open new accounts for financial gain or to avoid costs to themselves. Victims may be unaware of the fraud for an extended period of time, which can allow the criminal to continue the ruse for months or even years. Young adults may find that when they apply for their first bank loan, that their credit rating has been compromised, when they were children, because someone had misused their identity.

We used to think that identity theft meant that someone who was under-aged was using our identification to get served in the bar. The reality of it is far more ominous. The criminal can use the victim's identity to work, receive medical care and commit other types of fraud. Account-takeover and credit-related fraud are common problems associated with identity theft. Some examples of the many ways criminals use stolen identity information are to:

  • obtain credit fraudulently from banks and retailers
  • steal money from the victim's existing accounts
  • apply for loans
  • establish accounts with utility companies
  • rent an apartment
  • file for bankruptcy
  • obtain a job
  • receive medical care
  • achieve other financial gain using the victim's name

Criminals want to rip-off your identity, your financial history, and everything that you've worked hard to earn. They are determined to make a name for themselves by taking advantage of your credit record.

You should know ... that 37% of victims experienced problems beyond the time they spend recovering and their out of pocket expenses. The problems included being harassed by debt collectors, unable to use existing credit cards, subjected to criminal investigations or civil suits, being arrested, or having difficulty accessing bank accounts.

It can take minutes to steal your identity, but years to repair the financial damage and emotional toll on you and maybe your loved ones.

You should know ... almost one-quarter of victims of new account and other frauds did not discover the Legalshield offers Identity Theft & Restoration Protectionmisuse of information for at least six months after it started.

Research has shown that it takes some 600 hours or more of a person’s time and effort to recover their identity. Do you have that much time?

We have teamed up with the world's leading risk management company to provide the only complete Identity Theft restoration solution in North America. Call us to find out how you can protect your family from the aftermath of an identity theft issue.

Are you aware of the serious toll identity theft can take on your life? Identity thieves target millions of Americans & Canadians, even children, each year.

Thieves can wreak havoc on finances, credit history, cause time off work and great deal of stress trying to resolve the matter. 

Our valuable service include licensed experts that will step in and assist you in resolving your identity issue, so you can get back to work and back to your life.

Take action now against this devastating crime.  Click here to learn more about the LegalShield Indentity Theft Plan and how you protect your identity!

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