Workplace Ogres Be Aware!

ogre faceWorkshop: “Workplace Ogres Be Aware! Practical Tips & Techniques for Resolving Workplace Conflict”



Right road sign arrowDoes your worksite lose productivity due to interpersonal conflict?


Right road sign arrowDo you have a high turnover of staff but don’t know why?


Right road sign arrowCan you feel the tension when you walk into the room?




Your worksite may be experiencing workplace conflict or living in the shadow of a Workplace Ogre.


This is not your typical “stand & deliver” type of training program! Participants will experience a contentious scenario that explores in depth the dynamics of interpersonal conflict, horizontal & vertical violence, values/biases & workplace bullies via small & large group sessions.


Participants will learn techniques to recognize conflict situations in their workplace and effective techniques to resolve the conflict for win-win results.


This highly participative, fun, yes we said “fun”, workshop follows the three A’s format of content delivery: Assessment ~ Awareness ~ Action. Yes, some role playing is involved!


This workshop is suitable for professional development training for groups of 20 to 90 and is available as a four to eight hour session, depending on the depth of the material covered.


For more information on this workshop and pricing, please contact Rae 250-451-6564 or